Political Science

The Associates of Arts degree with a field of study in Political Science is designated for students planning to transfer to a baccalaureate degree in Political Science or related field at four-year institutions. The curriculum includes general academic courses and electives that enable students who intend to major in Political Science, Public Affairs, or Public Administration to transfer to four-year institutions.

Instruction will require academic cooperative courses to give students "hands-on" experiences in government functions. The Government program has a foreign language requirement attached to it that will complete most four-year institution requirements. Completing a Government program can expand opportunities in teaching, law school, and other related areas of public policy.

Associate Degree

Associate of Arts Field of Study in Political Science

Staff Faculty

Name E-mail Phone Location
Herron, Pauline apherron (956) 872-2536 Pecan T-2-324
Name E-mail Phone Location
Ballinger, Dr. Robert - Department Chair robertb (956) 872-3576 Pecan T-2-330
Berry, Jeffrey C. jberry (956) 447-6657 Mid-Valley G-258
Bocanegra, Jose A. jbocane4 (956) 872-2517 Pecan T-2.706
Burton, Alexander Mark amburton (956) 872-7234 Pecan T-2-338
Clark, Jennifer jclark (956) 872-3510 Pecan T-2-316
Contreras, Adan acontr33 (956) 872-5631 Pecan M-135
Gadson, Mark mgadson (956) 872-8346 Pecan T-2-332
Giffin, Dr. Kenna S. kgiffin (956) 323-2985 LJJC 2nd Floor
Greene, William wgreene (956) 447-6654 Mid-Valley G-257
Guinn, Darrold Tom dtguinn (956) 973-7627 Mid-Valley G-234
Hake, Yolanda yghake (956) 872-2562 Pecan T-2-312
Holton, Dr. Kevin T. kholton (956) 872-2235 Pecan T-2-314
Hosey, Dr. Nathan nhosey (956) 447-6619 Mid-Valley G-252
Inmon, Jerry jjinmon (956) 872-6777 Pecan T-2-342
Marshall, Dr. Christopher cmarshall (956) 872-2583 Pecan T-2-616
McElvain, Larry lmcelvain (956) 872-2234 Pecan T-2-336
Murray, Mark mrmurray (956) 872-3460 Pecan T-2-614
Neckel, Kirk kmneckel (956) 872-8316 Pecan T-2-406
Ogundele, Dr. Ayo aogundele (956) 872-2551 Pecan T-2-328
Reynolds, Dr. Darrial reynolds (956) 488-5811 Starr E-2.612
Rishi, Dr. Pooja prishi (956) 872-2614 Pecan T-2-638
Schuler, Dr. Mark mschuler (956) 872-5618 Pecan T-2-612
Zapata, Rogerio Jesse rjzapata (956) 973-7603 Mid-Valley G-150