Political Science

The Associate of Arts degree with a field of study in Political Science is designated for students planning to transfer to a baccalaureate degree program in Political Sciences or related field at four-year institutions. The curriculum includes general academic courses and electives that enable students who intend to major in Political Science, Public Affairs, or Public Administration to transfer to four-year institutions.

The Political Science program has a foreign language requirement attached to it that will complete most four-year institution requirements. Completing the Political Science major can expand opportunities in teaching, law school, and other related areas of public policy.

Associate Degree

Associate of Arts Field of Study in Political Science

Staff Faculty

Name E-mail Phone Location
Herron, Pauline apherron (956) 872-2536 Pecan T-2-324
Name E-mail Phone Location
Ballinger, Dr. Robert - Department Chair robertb (956) 872-3576 Pecan T-2-330
Berry, Jeffrey C. jberry (956) 447-6657 Mid-Valley G-258
Bocanegra, Jose A. jbocane4 (956) 973-1022 Mid-Valley PB1 B4
Burton, Alexander Mark amburton (956) 872-7234 Pecan T-2-338
Clark, Jennifer jclark (956) 872-3510 Pecan T-2-636
Contreras, Adan acontr33 (956) 872-5631 Pecan M-135
Gadson, Mark mgadson (956) 872-8346 Pecan T-2-332
Giffin, Dr. Kenna S. kgiffin (956) 323-2985 LJJC 2nd Floor
Greene, William wgreene (956) 447-6654 Mid-Valley G-257
Guinn, Darrold Tom dtguinn (956) 973-7627 Mid-Valley G-234
Hake, Yolanda yghake (956) 872-2562 Pecan T-2-312
Holton, Dr. Kevin T. kholton (956) 872-2235 Pecan T-2-314
Hosey, Dr. Nathan nhosey (956) 447-6619 Mid-Valley G-252
Inmon, Jerry jjinmon (956) 872-6777 Pecan T-2-342
Marshall, Dr. Christopher cmarshall (956) 872-2583 Pecan T-2-616
McElvain, Larry lmcelvain (956) 872-2234 Pecan T-2-336
Murray, Mark mrmurray (956) 872-3460 Pecan T-2-614
Neckel, Kirk kmneckel (956) 872-8316 Pecan T-2-406
Ogundele, Dr. Ayo aogundele (956) 872-2551 Pecan T-2-328
Reynolds, Dr. Darrial reynolds (956) 488-5811 Starr E-2.612
Rishi, Dr. Pooja prishi (956) 872-2614 Pecan T-2-638
Schuler, Dr. Mark mschuler (956) 872-5618 Pecan T-2-612
Sverdlick, Dr. Ana asverdli (956) 872-2517 Pecan T-2-706
Zapata, Rogerio Jesse rjzapata (956) 973-7603 Mid-Valley G-150

For Adjuct Faculty please call (956) 872-2536.