The Psychology Concentration offers students an opportunity to become familiar with the different fields of Psychology, which will enable them to make an informed choice on how to continue their careers. Most will transfer to a four-year academic institution to continue their education in fields such as counseling, clinical psychology, developmental, and industrial psychology. The bachelor's degree helps people find jobs that require interaction with people, such as retail management and sales, real estate, personnel related functions, advertising, public relations, and human services, administrative support, public affairs, education, business, service industries, health, the biological sciences, and computer programming. They work as employment counselors, correction counselor trainees, interviewers, personnel analysts' probation officers, and writers.


Psychology Concentration (AA-SOBS-PSYC)

Staff Faculty

Name E-mail Phone Location
Rincones, Carissa crincon6 (956) 872-3501 Pecan T1-624
Name E-mail Phone Location
Armstrong, Dr. Blake blakea 956-447-6658 Mid-Valley G-249
Cantu, Peter pcantu 956-447-1222 Mid-Valley G-148
Gonzalez, Carlo cgonzale1 956-872-3454 Pecan T2-632
Gonzalez, Dr. Paul plgonzalez 956-872-2130 Pecan T1-634
Israel, Dr. Janene jisrael 956-872-5606 Pecan T1-632
Jackson, Dr. Linda S. lsjackson 956-872-2649 Pecan T2-634
Moreno, Sandra smoreno 956-973-7639 Mid-Valley H-137
Reid, Dr. Jennifer jdreid 956-872-2663 Pecan T1-328
Reittinger, Dr. Eric ericr 956-872-2622 Pecan T1-628
Rodriguez, Dr. Orlando orodrigu 956-872-2072 Pecan T1-630
Sanchez, Dr. Jose jsanchez 956-872-2041 Pecan T1-704
Sarabia, Alexandro asarabia1 956-872-2253 Pecan T2-642
Sarabia, Wilfrido wesarabi 956-488-5898 Starr E2-716
Shepard, David davids 956-872-3425 Pecan T1-330
Veliz, Liza lveliz 956-872-5608 Pecan T1-638
Weber, Timothy tweber 956-872-3716 Pecan T1-636

For Adjunct instructors please contact faculty secretary Carissa Rincones at 956-872-3501